Osteria Ballarò - Berlin-Charlottenburg - Cucina Siciliana


Look forward to a wide range of the finest Sicilian cuisine, from tasty appetizers such as burrata, beef, pulpo and fish carpaccio, vitello tonnato to excellent vegetable antipasti. Enjoy our homemade pasta, whether with freshly cooked salciccia, with truffles or linguine scoglio, with seafood.

Dinner without wine is like a day without sun

Osteria Ballarò - Berlin-Charlottenburg - Cucina Siciliana

We wish you a pleasant stay at the Osteria Ballarò

Our specialties are excellent meat and fish dishes such as veal chop, sole or loup de mer in a salt crust, precisely cooked and aromatically seasoned. Vegetarian and vegan dishes such as the popular caponata have always been part of Sicilian cuisine. For a sweet ending, we recommend our popular, homemade dolci.

We attach particular importance to our recommendations of the day.


We also offer weekly seasonal highlights, salsiccia freshly prepared by our chefs, pasta such as the specialty polpette (Mediterranean-spiced veal meatballs in tomato sauce), tender loin of veal or exquisite fish dishes such as sole or loup de mer in a salt crust.

Antipasti / Appetizers
Eggplant casserole
Salmone marinato
home marinated salmon
Asparaci cradinati al prosciutto
Gratinated asparagus with Parama ham
Paste / Pastas
Linguine alle vongole
Linguine with clams
Tagliatelle Polpette
Tagliatelle with veal dumplings
Tagliolini Tartufo
Tagliolini with truffle
Linguine Asparaci Scampi
Linguine with asparagus & scampi
Carne / Meat
Coniglio agro dolce
Rabbit sweet/sour
Carré di vitello
Veal loin
Pesce / Fish
Sea bream
Coda di Rospo
Dolci / Dessert
Antipasti / Appetizers
Carpaccio di Polipo M
Octopus carpaccio
14,50 €
Insalata PescatoreB,C,M
Seafood cocktail
13,50 €
Vitello TonnatoB
Thin slices of veal with tuna sauce
12,50 €
Carpaccio con Rucola e ParmigianoF
Very thinly sliced filet of beef with fresh mushrooms, Rockford lettuce
13,50 €
Buffalo Mozzarella with fresh cherry tomatoes and basil
10,50 €
Antipasti della CasaB,F
Mixed appetizer platter with fresh vegetables, vitello tonnato, caprese Mozzarella, beef carpaccio
12,50 €
Antipasti all’italiana per due personeB,F
Appetizer platter for two: Mozzarella with tomatoes, grilled vegetables, vitello tonnato, and beef carpaccio served on Rockford lettuce
24,00 €
Zuppe / Soups
Italian soup with fresh seasonal vegetables
6,50 €
Zuppa Contadina con Salsiccia e Fagioli
Bean soup with Sicilian sausage
8,50 €
Zuppa di Pomodoro
Tomato soup
6,50 €
Zuppa del PescatoreB
Freshly made fish soup
13,50 €
Insalata fresca / Salads
Insalata Mista
Fresh mixed salad
8,00 €
Insalata Tonno e PecorinoB,F
Salad with tuna and feta
10,50 €
Insalata PaesanaF
Thinly sliced filet of beef on Rockford lettuce with fresh mushrooms and parmesan flakes
14,50 €
Insalata di Pomodoro alla Siciliana
Tomato salad with onions and Sicilian herbs
7,50 €
Insalata Rucola, Pomodorini e Scaglie di ParmigianoF
Rockford lettuce with cherry tomatoes and parmesan flakes
10,00 €
Insalata di SpinaciF,4
Fresh Spinach with bacon, pine nuts and parmesan
12,00 €
Ingredients and Allergens
B – Fish, C – Crustaceans, E – Celery, F – Milk and Lactose, M – Molluscs, 4 – with Preservative
Paste / Pastas
Osteria Ballarò recommends: Homemade pasta like Nonna Pina …
Spaghetti Tradizionale CarbonaraA.1,F,1
Spaghetti with guanciale, parmesan and egg
10,50 €
Spaghetti AmatricianaA.1,4
Spaghetti with fresh tomatoes, bacon and onions
10,50 €
Spaghetti Aglio, Olio e PeperoncinoA.1
Spaghetti with garlic, olive oil and spicy peppers
9,50 €
Lasagna al FornoA.1,F,1
Noodle casserole
10,00 €
Tagliolini della casaA.1,C,I
Egg noodles with shrimp and filet tips with seasonal mushrooms
15,50 €
Casareccie alla NormaA.1,F,1
Handmade noodles with eggplant concasse, fresh basil in cherry tomato sauce with mozzarella cubes
12,50 €
Tagliolini Calamaretti, Fagioli e PomodoriniA.1,I,M
Fine egg noodles with baby calamari, white beans and cherry tomatoes
14,50 €
Casareccie alla SalsicciaA.1,I
Homemade noodles with fresh Italian sausage in spicy cherry tomato sauce
12,50 €
Tagliatelle con Punte di FilettoA.1,F
Wide egg noodles with filet tips, fresh mushrooms, mascarpone and tomatoes
13,50 €
Tagliolini alla Marco PoloA.1,F
Homemade noodles with spinach and feta
11,50 €
Tagliolini al Salmone e ZucchineA.1,B
Egg noodles with fresh salmon and zucchini
12,50 €
Linguine allo ScoglioA.1,B,C,M
Fine noodles with shellfish
15,50 €
Linguine con ScampiA.1,C
Fine noodles with 3 large shrimps and cherry tomatoes
14,50 €
Fresh dumplings filled with spinach and cream cheese in a butter-sage sauce
13,50 €
Gnocchi Di BarbabietolaA.1,F
Stuffed red beet and potato gnocchi in truffle cream
16,50 €
Pizza / Pizzas
BrusschettaA.1 (3 pieces)5,50 €
Focaccia al RosmarinoA.15,50 €
Pizza MargheritaA.1,F
With tomato sauce and Mozzarella
9,00 €
Pizza CapricciosaA.1,F
With tomato sauce, mozzarella, Salami, mushrooms, pepper and ham
11,50 €
Pizza DiavolaA.1,F
With tomato sauce, mozzarella, spicy salami and peppers
10,50 €
Pizza Tonno e CipollaA.1,B,F
With tomato sauce, mozzarella, tuna and onions
11,50 €
Pizza ParmaA.1,F
With tomato sauce, mozzarella, parma ham, Rockford lettuce and parmesan flakes
13,50 €
With tomato sauce, mozzarella, vegetables, bell peppers, Mushrooms and Rockford lettuce
10,50 €
Pizza ScampiA.1,C,F
With tomato sauce, mozzarella, large shrimps, parsley and garlic
14,50 €
Pizza SicilianaA.1,F
With tomato sauce, mozzarella, Sicilian fresh sausage, rocket and parmesan flakes
13,50 €
Ingredients and Allerge
A.1 – Wheat, A.3 – Barley, B – Fish, C – Crustaceans, D – Sulfur oxides and Sulphites, E – Celery,
F – Milk and Lactose, H.1 – Almond, I – Eggs, M – Mollusks
1 – with Dye, 2 – Caffeine, 3 – Quinine, 4 – with Preservative, 5 – with Antioxidant, 6 – with Sweetener(s), 13 – contains a source of Phenylalanine
Carne di Maiale / Pork
Scaloppine GorgonzolaF
Pork filet in gorgonzola sauce
16,50 €
Scaloppine Vino BiancoD
Pork filet in white wine sauce with rosemary and garlic
16,50 €
Carne di Manzo / Beef
Bistecca alla griglia
Grilled rumpsteak
19,50 €
Bistecca al Pepe verdeF
Rumpsteak in green pepper sauce
20,50 €
Tagliata di ManzoF
Sliced rumpsteak on rockford lettuce with parmesan flakes
22,50 €
Filetto alla griglia
Grilled filet of beef
23,50 €
Filetto al Pepe VerdeF
Filet of beef in green pepper sauce
24,50 €
Filetto ubriacoD
Drunken filet of beef in red wine sauce
24,50 €
Duetto di Terra e MareC
Grilled filet of beef with jumbo shrimps
25,00 €
Carne di Agnello / Lamb
Cotolette d’Agnello alla griglia
Grilled lamb chops
24,00 €
Carre di Agnello al BaroloD
Rack of lamb in an herb crust on red wine sauce
25,00 €
All meat dishes are served with daily side dishes and salad.
Please ask about our daily specials – fresh from the market!

Ingredients and Allerge
C – Crustaceans, D – Sulfur oxides and Sulphites, F Milk and Lactose
Pesce / Fish
Baby-Calamari alla LivorneseM
Fresh baby octopus in tomato sauce with herbs and capers
18,50 €
Scampi alla GrigliaC
Large grilled shrimps
23,00 €
Scampi al Pepe verdeC,F
large shrimp in green pepper sauce
24,00 €
Gamberoni C
Three jumbo shrimp pan roasted with herbs
24,50 €
Please ask about our daily specials – fresh from the market!
All fish dishes are served with daily side dishes and salad.

Ingredients and Allerge
C – Crustaceans, F Milk and Lactose, M – Mollusks
Formaggi / Cheese
Northern Italian blue cheese
8,00 €
Italian hard cheese made with sheep milk
8,00 €
Italian hard cheese
8,00 €
Provolone PiccanteF
Italian hard cheese
8,00 €
Misto di FormaggiF
Mixed cheese platter
11,00 €
Ingredients and Allerge
F Milk and Lactose
Dolci / Dessert
Gelato mistoF
Mixed ice cream
5,00 €
TiramisuA.1,F6,00 €
PannacottaF6,00 €
Creme BruleeF,I
With vanilla aroma
7,00 €
Cassata SicilianaF
Homemade Sicilian cassata ice cream
7.50 €
Almond parfait ice creamF,H.1
Ingredients and Allerge
A.1 – Wheat, F Milk and Lactose, H.1 – Almond, I – Eggs
Per Bambini / for Kids
Spaghetti mit TomatensoßeA.15,50 €
Kinder-Pizza (Frisch mit beliebigen Zutaten)A.16,00 €
Kinder-Schnitzel mit Rosmarin-Kartoffeln8,50 €
Ingredients and Allerge
A.1 – Wheat

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